Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Election - The Calvary has arrived...

My thoughts...
I was just about to decrease my involvement on FB but alas I am not being called to retire just yet.
Now there is some silliness going around amongst the unhinged Left in this country who have the silly notion that they do not want to be told what to do so "wah" "wah" "wah" and oh btw they want the election all, well, "undone." "I mean how can this happen???" - they are all having a case of the vapors. So despite Trump winning in a landslide - yes my little Leftist friends a LANDSLIDE...suddenly you do not really feel like it today to accept the results of an otherwise legitimate election. Now before I get to their silliness, I encourage people on the "interwebs" to look at the map and see just how vibrant and "Red" it is. I know! Practically Juicy! And you see Cruella Deville got in a word: Trounced. So, the generation where everyone gets a trophy says "not fair!!!" We, we should change the rules because well, Trump is a "meanie" and he is going to like eat illegal aliens and drop nepalm on rainforests and he will be so beneath us because he is a "sexual pred-a-tur!!" (Not like Bill Clinton violating every sexual harassment law in the country having her do nasty thing sin the bloody oval office mind you...) But I digress. So where was I oh yes, Bill's bulbus - beep! Yes let us get back to denoucing the Donald - such an easy target eh? No, we must not look at the Corrupt and Dishonest Nurse Ratchet - she is pure as the driven snow as they say...yes we. must. stop. Trump. --- and if you do not give in to our Black Lives Orthodoxic methods we may just change the rules on elections in mid-flight! And ya know, when we don't get our way sometimes we just "shoot ya." That is how we roll on the Left. Violence is no big thang...
So, anyway, these Liberal Scholars have now deduced that they are PISSED that Cruella won the popular vote and she lost!!! I mean what are you kidding me - she. lost. to. Trump??? Some women have actually resorted to defecating in public... mind you on Trump signs!!! (look it up on the interwebs Holmes) You must be so proud....! A trophy for you!
So what is a Leftist to do? I know...if we cannot beat them at the ballot box (despite having the lapdog corrupt media, AND Cruella and Bill's billions stolen from the pay to play scheme at the Clinton Foundation, AND Goldman Sachs, AND the exercise of every dirty trick known to the Democrat party being used against Trump/Pence which, well, involves a lot of lying because that is how Mrs. Clinton gets her freak on - lying and in plenty - ummm huhhh!...they could not defeat Mr. Trump because...well, now, here is the good part see, there are some "little people" in the mix. We like to call ourselves - "Deplorables". And there is actually a basket of us, it is located in Wisconsin...maybe Michigan - not sure...and you know what? We have watched this amateur hour starring the "Baracks" and his cast of thousands (I call them the "Obamanables") and they have committed a steady stream of treachery and treason in our nation's capital and all through our once great land. They lie!?!?! Man do they lie. Like you can keep your doctor and your health plan. Or, no we did not just pay a billion dollars in cash to Iran - or I mean well we did but not for a hostage... - or '"What difference does it make" (who got murdered in Libya) - or what server - like... you mean I wiped it with a cloth??" 

Or Bernie needs to understand our "Deal" (that we will brutalize him if he dare try to take my royal scepter) Or... back to Barry for a moment that he (as king) can sign any executive order (circumventing that other branch of government we call Congress) sigle-handely violating federal law on immigration to the point that even ICE supported Trump - and well you get the idea...did I tell you that they were liars? Yes of course... ok... moving on, so we get back to the wah, wah's and what they wah wah want and they think that...I mean like, they are NOT going to class at their free tuition college and well, they want their mid-terms like put off until they can have like a safe space untriggered moment and they are just so up set?>%$_< (oh the pain, the pain (quoting Dr. Smith millennials - yes gooooogle it!) But I mean the tears and I am so upset and I think I need a joint
primal scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel so much better now where was I? Yes the electorial thingy university or college and did you know like Garfield did this in 1890 and there is President for this (editor's note little millennial - the word is precedent (I am a lawyer I know these things) anyway back to your rant :AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :( Ok now so we covered that. Now my little chirping bird who go tweet tweet in forest but say little - know this: YOU LOST - IT IS OVER. YOU NEED TO WIPE THE RED MASCARA WHICH IS RUNNING OFF YOUR FACE THAT YOU WORE IN SOLIDARITY TO HILLARY!!! Off. of. your. face.
And if they let you back into your safe space - non-trigger warning university to take your "Transgendered homeopathic estrogen ad orientum women who-are-not-to-be-called-women because well that is a triggered designation by the white privleged a priori beta sub species classes" at F.U. Univerisity then...(whoo let me take a breath), you need to slink on back to your Super-Libby professor and have at it...OR You can...Just. Find. A. Job.
Oh and on that "Electoral College Petition that the throngs of safe-spacers are signing? No legal basis. But what do I know? I am just a lawyer who voted for Trump.

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