Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Are we being lulled to believe police are all good?

I support the police.  But as a Criminal Defense Attorney - well...police lie.

Take this morning, as I am cross examining a police officer who "encountered" my client in his car committing no crime whatsoever,  at a Howard Johnson Hotel in North Plainfield,  NJ. 

He asks my client are you ok? 

Now mind you my client pulled  in there because he was low on gas and needed to check his directions and to ascertain the nearest gas station.   The officer drives off after a 1 minute to two minute confrontation.  The officer rhen pulls over my client right as he is leaving Hojo's  ostensibly because instead of leaving right away, my client had the audacity to go into Hojo's to verify there was a Gas station nearby.  My client gets pulled over on Route 22 and is detained for 5 hours while they get a K-9 and eventually they find a small amount of drugs in the glove compartment...he is arrested.

SO - No reasonable and articulable suspicion and it certainly is not well grounded suspicion that supported the second stop!

In My humble view: un -believable.  My client should never have gotten arrested...

Attorney William D. Ware, Esq.
154 U.S. Highway 206
Chester, N.J. 07930

*Former Prosecutor and Certified Criminal Defense Attorney


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