Saturday, August 29, 2009

The life of a social pariah

The lines from the David Byrne song "Once in a lifetime" replay in your brain, "Well, how did I get here?" ...that is the answer you and hundreds of thousands of sex offenders around the country ask themselves. "I mean, it cannot be - Sure I was charged with something that was kind of bad but I only "touched her once" or "she came on to me", or "she knew a lot more for age than that," or, she said she was (18)... "she is making this up because she does not like the way I discipline her."

The explanations and seemingly good reasons justifying your conduct are endless.

And yet still, you never thought it be remotely possible in your wildest dreams that you would a). wind up with a sex conviction, and b), that you would be on Megan's Law, and c). worse, on Parole for the rest of your life!

Well. how did you get here?

If you were like most people, you first got scared, being charged and all... Then, you realized you needed a lawyer. Not taking it all seriously enough, you hired a lawyer on the cheap. Bad idea. He took your money and tried to force a plea on you. "But, I am innocent..." "Just sign here - it will be okay, I have probation worked out for you" (he does not tell you about Megan's Law and the fact that you will be on Parole for the rest of your life).

After the smoke clears, and you are convicted of a sex crime, you realize you have to report to a local law enforcement office to fill out forms at the police station where they will keep it on file that you are sex offender. You learn after your probation ends that you are now suddenly on parole for life! "What?" Right. And you are not on probation, you are on something called parole, the parole officers are not very nice. They like to harass you, humiliate you and basically let you know that you are vermin.

Being purported vermin, they expect that you will do everything that they tell you. If you say no, they will violate your parole and can charge you with a crime for violating your PSL. Any of this sound familiar? It should. You are for lack of a better word, screwed. Or so you might think.

What could you have done differently? Well, not committed the crime of course. But that aside, you could have picked a better attorney. Some attorneys like myself specialize in this area of the law. In fact a very few of us [like myself] are certified criminal defense attorneys with trial experience.

I understand these cases because I have handled thousands of them. And there is one thing that you must have when seeking an attorney in addition to experience, that is aggressiveness. Experience is important but desire and motivation are even more helpful. I take these cases personally. It is my job to get my client from one side of the shore through very stormy seas while keeping the ship and the client intact, then, leaving him on the other shore safely. That means, that I try to do everything within my power to avoid unpleasant outcomes in an otherwise unpleasant situation. Being willing to fight and fight hard is what it takes. I have found that this approach has brought me tremendous results. Unlike many other attorneys, I am not about cutting a deal. Rather, I am about obtaining the very best outcome for my client.
If that means going to trial, then I feel sorry for the prosecutor assigned my client's case.

To reach me, please call email me at at the website:

I will be happy to talk to anyone who feels they are about to be sold down the river or who have already been sold out.

Help is on the way.



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